How to check the snap store package available for raspberry pi 4 or not?

How to check the snap store package available for raspberry pi 4 or not?

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Rajdeep Singh

Ubuntu built the snap store package Eco-system. The Snap store help to distribute your Linux base application and software across the Linux distro.

For checking the binary, you do not need any command. You need only two things. First is a web browser and a mouse.

There is two binary support by raspberry pi 4. first is arm64 and armhf. If one of the binary is present, you can install the package in your raspberry pi 4 without any problem.

There is two way to check the package binary is available for raspberry pi 4 or not.

  1. First way
  2. Second way

In this article, I use the snap chromium package for example purpose.

First way

Firstly, you click on the version drop-down list and click again to show the architecture drop-down list and check all available binary forms for the list.

  • First step
  • Second step

First step

version drop-down list

Second step

show architecture drop-down list

Second way

In a second way, you scroll down the page, go to the Linux distribution section, and check all the Linux distributions.

Linux distribution section



I hope my article solve your problem if you have any problem and then comment in the comment section.

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